Norway is a fantastic country and a good starting-point for your marriage!
Our wonderful land contains a number of sights with mountains and fjords, sea and coast, fishing arches, old traditional farms and modern city facilities.

Every year Unitarforbundet are contacted by foreign citizens who will help you get their dream come true- to marry in Norway!

We have citizens from Germany, Italy, Great Brittain, Russia, Brazil, Portugal and Spain – from all religions, races, cultures and sexual orientation!

Unitarforbundet welcomes all kind of people and we create the ceremonies to suit your wishes. No rules for content, no rules for religion or culture as long as you agree to our vision: Respect, Tolerance and freedom!

Its all about love – and you!

We have experience from over 700 weddings all over Norway for the past 10 years.

We can help you to find the location!

We can help you with the planning of your wedding, including

  • lodging
  • dinner-reservations and menu,
  • decorations,
  • music,
  • photograph,
  • and party-fix
  • and of course the legal ceremony

Here you can find useful information about getting married in Norway and applying for a recidence permit in order to live with your spouse in Norway

During the 10 years of experience from weddings around Norway we have had good contacts with wedding venues that we can recommend. We also have good connections with activity planners if you want to have special winter or summer activities for family and guests during your stay.

We can reccomend:

Øigardseter Fjellstue


Kleppe Gård

Gaustadtoppen and Telemarkskanalen

Event Lofoten


Villa Malla

Bogstad Gård

Blaafarveverket -Viking-wedding in Cobolt mines?

and many others

Weddingplanner: Video: Ceremonyleader: Kjell Morten Bråten,

Prices: For wedding ceremony only : 477 Euro + travel and hotel expenses

Please ask us for prices for preparation and planning of your wedding in Norway

Please take contakt wish us if you want advices or want to make us help you with wedding-plans in Norway!

tlf 0047 920 69 689

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