Winter-Wedding in Norway – Rondane

Bilderesultat for vinterbryllup
Photo: Jan Ivar Vik – reccomended Photograph for Unitarforbundet

We help you with all the arrangements

  • Legal Wedding ceremony in english
  • decorations
  • all meals including wedding-dinner
  • wedding party
  • lodging
  • wedding photo
  • activities f.ex:
    • as sleigh-rides with horses,
    • dogsled,
    • trip with belt-car up the mountains,
    • cross-country skiing,
    • alpine skiing,
    • glacier-tours
    • lodging in modern Igloo,
    • sightseeing
    • local culture
Bilderesultat for kanefart rondane

We work with Øigardseter Fjellstue and together with them we make sure that your wedding, you and your guests, will have a memorable stay.

Rondane is a national park – close to another national park, Jotunheimen. Both are a mountainous area in central southern Norway including the highest mountains in the Northern countries. Galdhøpiggen (2469 m. above sea level) and Glittertind (2457 m)

Øigardseter Fjellstue is about 275 km north of Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen and about 130 km north of Lillehammer. You can travel by car or by train from Oslo to Otta (3.40 hours)

You will be picked up at the train station at Otta. (20 min to Øigardseter)

Kart fra Oslo til Otta, 2670

For questions Contact:

Unitarforbundet: tlf 0047 920 69689 –